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Turfbuilders Lawn Care Inc.
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Fertizer programTiming is everything.

1.  Early spring   (April - May)

  • Balanced, slow release, granular fertilizer.
  • Pre-emergence/post-emergence control of crabgrass and other susceptible annual grasses and broadleaf weeds.
  • Spot spray for broadleaf weeds.

2. Late spring   (June - July)

  • Balanced, slow release, granular fertilizer designed for spring applications.
  • Spot spray for broadleaf weeds.

3. Summer   (July- August)

  • Balanced, slow release, granular fertilizer.
  • Broad spectrum insecticide* for season long grub and insect control.
  • Spot spray for broadleaf weeds.

4. Late summer   (September)

  • Balanced, all mineral granular fertilizer.
  • Spot spray for broadleaf weeds.

5. Fall  (October - November)

  • Winter rate of balanced slow release granular fertilizer.
  • High nitrogen and phosphorus for winter feeding and hardiness.
  • Spot spray for broadleaf weeds.

6. Broadleaf weed spray

  • Blanket application for a one time charge. Additional spots spray treatments at no charge.

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Knowledgable staff

Fertilizer, insecticides and fungicides are applied by Turfbuilders Lawn Care's certified applicators who are licensed through the Nebraska Department of Agriculture in ornamental and turf pest control as well as general safety procedures.

Turfbuilders Lawn Care uses the most current products and techniques available in lawn care services. For the safety of our customers, applicators and the environment, we do not use restricted use pesticides.

Turfbuilders has provided prompt, professional and timely service for our 1  acre property in Villa Springs area which is south of Springfield.

Turfbuilders has been handling our lawn sprinkler maintenance, fertilizing , weed control, and over seeding needs for over 30 years.

Their service is outstanding in every way.

Norm Riffel, Springfield, NE

* Nutsedge spray, fungicides and additional insecticide treatments are extra charges.


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